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GORDY GRUNDY prefers to work with artists and people, not clients. His creativity, attention to detail and awareness of the marketplace makes every author shine.

Grundy has over 20 years in entertainment marketing and promotion experience with Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony and many media companies. He has a lifetime of editorial, design and publication experience. With these merchandising skills, he will create your book appropriate to the marketplace.

A native of Southern California, he has been influenced by sunny flights of SoCal fancy, the bold stroke and the grand gesture. Hollywood, Disney, the secrets of re-creation and the Healing Power of Pop continue to fascinate him.

Grundy is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Economics.

Always a volunteer, he has served in leadership positions with the Barnsdall Art Center, Newport Beach Historical Society, Jonathan Art Foundation, Swim With Mike, Downtown LA Neighborhood Arts Council and more.

As a writer and columnist, he has written for Artillery Magazine, the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly, ArtNews and many others.

His visual and literary works can be found at www.GordyGrundy.com

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P R I N T & e B O O K




Your book cover is more important than the words and the story within. A book cover must be so compelling, emotionally attractive and branded that it will invite further scrutiny. A strong book cover is candy to the consumer's eye. Read our newest Huffington Post article here.


The words on a book cover must be carefully constructed for maximum appeal and sales-ability.




A Copy Edit may be needed to correct the misspellings and incorrect punctuation. A fresh pair of eyes is always needed to prep a book for publication. Little tiny errors are annoying and uncomfortable to the reader. Your book is a reflection of you.


A Literary Edit offers a more in-depth study of your book. Does that sentence work? Does that paragraph advance or detract from the narrative? Working closely with the author, our goal is to create great literature.




Proper, merchandising and business theory-based copywriting is essential for the covers, blurbs, biography and descriptions of a book. The keen insight of a third-party perspective is necessary for such an important marketing message.




With over 20 years in marketing and promotion, I will create and administer a campaign to get your book sold with media attention. In my career, I have worked with Disney, Amblin Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and many more Fortune 500 companies.


Depending upon your needs and budget, we will create a media and public relations campaign for all platforms, print, television, radio and the internet. Selected and targeted advertising will maximize your audience. Social Media will expand and entertain your readership. Guerrilla Marketing is a highly effective method. Lastly, clever promotion offers an emotional and cost-effective means to create awareness for your book.


One would be very surprised what we can do on a small budget.




The inside of your book must be designed, so the eye can flow easily from page to page. The genre of your book can be expressed in this design to create a memorable experience. Chapter changes, headings, page numbers and fonts offer design opportunities. Again, one does not want your book to look like it was self-published with clip-art.




Today, there are many options for the author. Based upon your needs, I will create a system that will print a high quality book and distribute an eBook, keep the control of the book in your hands and place all profits of the book into your pocket.




Copyright? ISBN numbers? Library of Commerce Control Number? Anonymous? Pseudonym? We will take proper care of the details.




Every day, the world is becoming smaller. I will make your book available worldwide. Our networks will place your title on the best book buying channels in the world. We work with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram and all of the best and brightest.




I will break down this entire effort into small steps and projects with definable goals. There are no contracts to bind you; every project and step is treated independently. There are no monetary retainers to pay; each step is billed separately. You are free to cancel the effort at any time or stage of the process.

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