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Gordy Grundy
Artist Gordy Grundy basks in the few and very rare moments of glory that Life might occasionally allow.
Photo Credit: Leah C. Dixon
New Media visionary Mike Delgado swings with Tara Thomas the chef at TRAXX Restaurant in Union station. The chef prepared a special menu in honor of Gordy Grundy BURN. Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Laughing and very lovely. Bombay Sapphire Gin hosted the Gordy Grundy BURN event. These two art lovers were sampling the new Bombay Sapphire East Gin. Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Fans of Pin Up Girl get to meet Laura Brynes and John Flores of Pin Up Girl Clothing.com. The retro clothing line is blooming and the empire is expanding. Laura is busy designing the new season.
Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Jeff and Nili Stevens catch the action.

Tulsa Kinney, editor of Artillery Magazine shares a laugh with artist Alex Shaefer and Coagula Curatorial engine Bryan Chagolla. Shaefer is best known for his paintings of bank buildings on fire. It’s no coincidence that he bought a Molotov Cocktail painting from Gordy Grundy.
Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Kurt Thomas and Takashi Slake celebrate Takashi's new purchase, a gold leaf monochrome.

Gordy Grundy BURN featured well over 300 original works and comprised thirteen bodies of work. It looked like a huge group show with many artists. 
Photo Credit: Leah C. Dixon

Laura Brynes of Pin Up Girl Clothing is a stylish force to reckon with.

Sold! “The Liberator” is from a series of paintings where Gordy Grundy would give greater ‘utility’ to a painting by adding a custom cocktail recipe. Photo Credit: Leah C. Dixon

Crown is the founder of the Destroyer Radio Network. More info and music from the artist, CLICK HERE
Photo Credit: Larry Abellera

Artist David Burns, Artillery publisher Paige Wery and artist Christopher Russell are old pals, always having fun.

Caradoc is happy as the new owner of a gold leaf monochrome. The gallerist joins famed arts writer Shana Nys Dambrot and the artist. If you look closely, the piece features subtly hidden text that reads, "Unable to Pluck it, I Realized That I Had Become the Wild Hair."





Gordy Grundy
A rogue’s gallery in the gallery. Poet John Tottenham slips into the picture next to Geoff Fults, Michael Rogers, artist Gordy Grundy, Steve Mills, Jack Illes and Cameron Crowner. Trouble brews with this crew.
Photo Credit: Leah C. Dixon

Bombay Sapphire Gin hosted the Gordy Grundy BURN show. These art lovers are sampling the new Bombay Sapphire East Gin with a hint of lemongrass.
Photo Credit: Larry Abellera

Collector Marlene Picard loves her new acquisition. In the piece, the signature on the right is that of the artist Andy Warhol and on the left, Gordy Grundy.

The Gordy Grundy Retrospective show sold over 160 works of art on Friday the 13th. Mat Gleason counts the cash with Laura Delgado who casts a sharp eye. Fortunately, the vixen is easy on our eyes. Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Betty Brown is always clowning around. It looks like she just fell in love!

The basement gallery was filled with work. Two tables offered loose works on paper.

Riley Murphy and his girlfriend Michele Villagomez kicked it up to Los Angeles from Newport Beach. Photo Credit: Kellee Murphy

Bombay Sapphire Gin hosted the Gordy Grundy BURN event. Dave Burns of Fallen Fruit fame samples the new Bombay Sapphire East Gin. He confers with Paige Wery the publisher of Artillery Magazine. Photo Credit: Larry Abellera

Gordy Grundy is proud to hang with the legendary fabricator Jack Brogan and minimalist painter Edith Brogan.

After the show, Gordy Grundy intended to literally BURN the remaining artwork. A creator not a destroyer, the artist then decided to give away over 160 artworks on canvas, works on paper, monoprints and etchings. Working the art events of the weekend, he caused a ruckus near Blum and Poe at a Culver City Art Walk, the Echo Park townsquare, Silverlake along Sunset and the Artillery Magazine Debates. Shiva! Burn!
A Brillo Soap Box and one painting will be burned for a video work. The ashes will be made into charcoal and used in a series of self-portraits. BURN!

Harry Dunn, Lisa Johnson and Jim Ferguson are having a good time. Then again, they always do.

Wyatt  Delgado of Buzzmedia finds an ally in the culture wars with Ezrha Jean Black. The doyenne (right) just got back from an art tour of Moscow for Artillery Magazine. Photo Credit: Marlene Picard

Artists Jayme Odgers, Lisa Adams and Gordy Grundy are always laughin' when they are not crying'. The two are the new owners of "Blood Spilled in the Name of Fortuna," an artwork that brilliantly equates a religious holy war to a simple bar fight. Damn straight!

Tanja Laden wrote a great profile of the event for the LA WEEKLY, Click Here.

Chef Tara Thomas of TRAXX Restaurant in Union Station has commissioned a specialty cocktail, the "No Further West" in honor of the Gordy Grundy painting. Chief Mixologist Kurtis Wells has designed a California masterpiece. CLICK HERE for the recipe.


For your Good Luck, Cocktails are hosted by Bombay Sapphire Gin, introducing Bombay Sapphire East Gin with a hint of lemongrass.

CLICK HERE to read the Huffington Post interview by Lisa Adams!

CROWN will be spinning a retrospective of his original beats throughout the gallery opening.

Making a special appearance after a five-year hiatus, CROWN is known for his work with the Destroyer Network, U.S. Jungle and the DevilMusic Music Collectives.

CLICK HERE for an audio explosion.


Close to the gallery, for your dining pleasure, Chef Tara Thomas has designed a special Prix Fixe menu in honor of BURN.

Open from 5pm to 9:30pm on Friday 13 July, this special 3 course meal shall include a choice of entree, a glass of Albertoni wine and a personal gift from the artist, all for $35 per person.
CLICK HERE to see the outrageous menu.

For reservations, please call (213) 625-1999. Include "Art Show" with your name.

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