Senior Product Manager

A principal of the Promotionalist Group, Gordy Grundy, brings a wealth of marketing skills, designer talents and a showman’s prowess of promotion and fun to every project.

Grundy began his sales career at age seven with a wagonload of fresh corn from the Irvine Ranch, selling door-to-door to neighbors.
Throughout high school and college, he worked as the publisher, editor and chief ad salesman of the underground newspapers, the Tar Pits and The Row Run. His term as fraternity Social Chairman is legendary. Among other entrepreneurial activities, he was an account executive for the PACE Seminars, the famed Fortune 500 motivator. He is an Economics graduate of the University of Southern California,

After college, Grundy learned how to sell an entertainment product on a limited budget in the Los Angeles theatrical world. He gained considerable grass roots marketing and promotional experience at the award-winning CAST Theatre.

Inspired by the Olympic Games, Grundy founded PINcentive Manufacturing. Among many, his clients included Coca-Cola, Amblin Entertainment (Steven Spielberg) and Warner Brothers. Seven years later, he sold the company.

The success of his Newport Beach nightclub Mocambo earned great acclaim, piles of money and valuable insight into the psychology of promotion and fun.

Always writing, Grundy currently authors his columns in Artillery (art) Magazine and the Huffington Post. His first book 'Artist's Pants’ was published in 2008.

From 1996 to 2008, Grundy was a unit partner at Clean Fun Promotional Marketing, working primarily with the Walt Disney companies. He has been creating and fulfilling promotional campaigns for such films as “Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3”, “Kill Bill,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” and many, many more.

Grundy has been a club president of Toastmasters International and served as a director of the Jonathan Art Foundation and the Barnsdall Art Center. He is a founding board member of the Downtown Arts Association and the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation. He has actively supported Swim With Mike for over twenty years. Currently, he is President of the Newport Beach Historical Society.

Gordy Grundy will be responsible for the marketing, promotion and design efforts of your project.